Oztorah.org has been created to serve the Australian and New Zealand Torah Observant community. This site was originally created and maintained by John Steed, a member of the Lifestream Fellowship in Penguin, Tasmania. For 7 years John was editor of the Shofar newsletter, which he originally created to foster closer contact between believers in Australia. John, with his wife Elisabeth and children, Lucinda and Samuel, now lives in the Tasmanian forest and does what time allows to support the Netzari movement. For more information visit the House of Steed.

Oztorah.org is now operated by Richard Shaules of Tasmania Australia. Richard is originally from San Diego, California and lived in the States until 2008 when he moved to Australia to study after serving in the U.S. Navy.

After several years of living a life without any interest in faith, our loving Creator graciously brought about several life changing events that led to a hunger to be cleansed and made whole. Richard has been striving to know and serve YHWH for several years and has been blessed with a loving wife Robyn who is also Torah observant. Together they have a one year old daughter and are expecting another child mid 2020.

Richard and Robyn view the Torah as a way of showing love to YHWH and our neighbour, and see a relationship with YHWH as fundamental to everything else in life.

Our goal is to serve the Torah observant community across the Australia and New Zealand and assist others in building and growing in fellowship. The Way is narrow and with many challenges but not without encouragement from the Word and from one another.

Please feel free to contact us if you require further information, run into any issues, or have suggestions for improving this site.


"Within a short time of signing up to Oztorah.org, I met several individuals and families, and many of these relationships continue growing as the years go on."
Richard Shaules
Registered on Oztorah.org since 2015

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